Bank of America rejected my CIAA deposit!

Posted: Monday, March 5, 2012 by Anthony in

I JUST left the bank after what was almost a VERY frustrating experience. For the last few months I have been without a photo ID. My license has been revoked for seemingly decades, so my state issued ID has been my only proof that I am Anthony Quinn McPherson. I've been too busy with CIAA events to go stand in line at the DMV to get another one. Anyway, I found it last week when I was making a withdrawal at the bank and I was SUPER excited. For weeks and months I had to ask other people to do stuff for me that I knew would require a photo ID. Well, I went to the bank today to make a deposit and when they asked for ID I reached in my wallet and it was gone AGAIN! I wasn't worried because I had just been in there a week ago when I found it. Surely, I thought, if they allowed me to take money out before I found it, they would allow me to put money in after losing it! However, the teller REFUSED to accept my deposit without proof of my identity. Needless to say, I was FRUSTRATED! It made no sense to me that I could withdraw from them without an ID but I could not deposit without one.

Then the Holy Spirit touched my heart and caused me to realize that this was a teaching moment...