I Took Jesus to the Strip Club!

Posted: Wednesday, May 23, 2012 by Anthony in

Part of the reason I'm able to blog so much is because I believe God is ALWAYS speaking to us and I look for Him in every occurrence in my life. Since I believe, He has a purpose for my life and everything that happens in it, I'm ALWAYS asking Him to show me what He's trying to convey to me. On that premise, let me share with you the story about my recent trip to a strip club in Myrtle Beach...

Quinn's new TOYS...

Posted: Wednesday, May 9, 2012 by Anthony in

I'm going to resist the temptation to prove that I am a decent writer by constructing some long and mysterious intro that pulls you in while trying to veil my point. Let's just jump straight in today! Yesterday, I got REALLY bored around 6:00pm, so I decided to put some clothes on Quinn (my daughter) and take her toy shopping at Target. After about an hour of looking around and trying to find the perfect gifts for her to enjoy, I settled on some electronic bubble machines and an indoor slide.

How about a QUICKIE???

Posted: Tuesday, May 8, 2012 by Anthony in

This is just a QUICK praise report. Yesterday, God woke me up EARLIER than usual to pray! (I wish He would put me on the after-noon prayer team!) Anyway, He told me to intercede for my Facebook and Twitter friends and followers and write whatever I feel in the process. He said He wanted to speak specifically through me to a someone who was a complete stranger to me. Despite my issues with having to wake up so early I obeyed and this was in my inbox today,  from a total stranger...