Quinn's new TOYS...

Posted: Wednesday, May 9, 2012 by Anthony in

I'm going to resist the temptation to prove that I am a decent writer by constructing some long and mysterious intro that pulls you in while trying to veil my point. Let's just jump straight in today! Yesterday, I got REALLY bored around 6:00pm, so I decided to put some clothes on Quinn (my daughter) and take her toy shopping at Target. After about an hour of looking around and trying to find the perfect gifts for her to enjoy, I settled on some electronic bubble machines and an indoor slide.

It was past her dinner time when I got her home but I thought I'd open the bubble blower and try it out. Chaos almost ensued every time I stopped blowing bubbles. She went into the ugly cry and nearly refused to eat dinner in order to continue playing with the bubble machine.

After dinner, I decided to open up the slide before bedtime and see what her response would be. She LOVED it too and wanted to play on it all the way up to her bedtime. Needless to say, I was proud of myself for choosing gifts that she loved, and it brought me immense pleasure to see her using them.

Now, rewind to two days ago. God woke me up EARLIER than usual on Monday morning and impressed upon my heart to stir up the gift of intercession that He placed inside of me many years ago. He told me to post a status on facebook and begin to pray for anyone who responded. Soon, my inbox began to fill up with people asking for me to agree with them in prayer. I responded to each by typing a prayer as I sensed God leading me. I said it was only supposed to last 15-30 minutes, but I literally spent hours praying with people in my inbox. (don't email me now, the anointing has been lifted lol)

I was so full that my throat and eyes started to burn because I wouldn't let the tears flow. It felt so great to obey God and use the gifts that He had given me. My whole day was so full of peace as I mediated on the events that occurred earlier.

Today, as I was worshipping early this morning, God reminded me of how good I felt watching Quinn use and enjoy the gifts I purchased for her at Target. He wanted me to know how much joy it brings Him when I use what He has given me as a gift. Watching Quinn made me want to take her shopping every day and bless her with something new. God apparently feels the same way! Every day now it seems like He's doing something new in my life as I stir the gifts He's placed within me.

I encourage everyone to rediscover the gifts inside you and resubmit them to be used by our Dad! Not only will it please God, but you'll find great pleasure as you let Him use you. You'll discover new gifts, fresh ideas, restored relationships and more if you'll let Him see you enjoy what He has already given you!

Today, I ANTicipate putting an even bigger smile on my Daddy's face as I rediscover and begin to use every gift that Jesus' blood purchased for me! In so doing, God will be glorified!


  1. Cynthia Scarboro says:

    Good morning Ant.. I really like this because I was not with my father much when I was younger being he and my mom were separated. I was in the South and he was up North. Sure i spent my summers with him and he would visit on holidays but srill there were alot of time missed and special moments that I wish my dad could have been a part of. I have been trying to rekindle a father/daughter relsationship with my dad and sometimes itstough but I don't give up and I know God moved me and my kids up North closer to him for a reason after 37 years of being in tha South with my mother. It has been great so far. Pray for me that it gets even better. continue to be Blessed and giving out what God has laid upon your heart, mind, body, and soul.

  1. Anthony says:

    Thanks Cynthia! I join my faith with yours that God's perfect will for you and your dad will be manifested! If the bible is true, you will reap what you sow. Therefore, continue to sow seeds towards a healthy relationship with your biological father and trust your heavenly dad to send you a harvest! I wish you God's best!