The Richest Man in the World!

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That’s how much the most valuable company in the WHOLE WORLD is worth. It’s not Walmart ($210 Billion). It’s not IBM ($240 Billion). As high as gas is, it’s not even Exxon at ($400 Billion). It’s Apple, Inc. It is the most successful company in the world, and it is all because of one man, Steve Jobs…

Steve Jobs was the Co-founder and CEO of Apple, and he has been called "The Father of the Digital Revolution", "The Master of Innovation” and a "A Design Perfectionist". Every journalist and business analyst credits him with rescuing Apple and making it the most successful company in the world. Many would argue that makes him the most successful man in the world.

However, last year on his death bed, the world’s most successful man, used some of his personal fortune of 6.5 Billion Dollars to hire a writer to come sit with him and pen his biography. He wanted the writer to tell his life’s story and when asked why he replied, "I wanted my kids to know me," I wasn't always there for them, and I wanted them to know why and to understand what I did."

After he made that statement I decided that the world’s most successful man didn’t die last year. There was a man more successful than Steve Jobs that received no international news coverage before he crossed over. He wasn’t a billionaire or even a millionaire and he didn’t invent any new cell phones for the world to play with. However, he didn’t need a biographer to come to Carolinas Medical Center last Tuesday night to write a book in order for his family to know who he was. The love, time, and attention William Jake McPherson gave us, left no unanswered questions. Steve Jobs spent his life building Apple and his last days trying to get to know his family. My granddaddy spent his life building his family and spent his last days enjoying the fruit of his labor. 

When true greatness has visited you, it’s often a while before you fully realize it. It will take a few generations before we thoroughly understand what this man’s love has done in our lives. His life has challenged us to rise to a level of love and greatness that few in the world achieve. I can honestly say that I am not there yet. I am not the man that he was YET. 

As a teen I always marveled at the scripture when Jesus said we would do greater works than he did because he was going back to be with the Father. I wondered how in the world we could do ANYTHING greater than Jesus? I later realized that after he ascended to return to the Father, his spirit (the Holy Spirit) was sent to indwell us and that same power that raised Jesus from the dead was now living inside of me to assist me in doing even greater works than he did. 

It wasn’t until Tuesday night that I felt that same daunting feeling again. How in the world could I be as great as or greater than my granddaddy? He took care of his wife, kids, grandkids, extended family, friends, coworkers, church members, neighbors, strangers, and on and on and on… Well, just like Jesus left in order to send His Spirit that makes us greater, Grandaddy left and now his spirit (his attributes, his character, his example, his love) are available to us to make us just as great and greater. 

How we treat each other will show whether or not we caught his spirit. How we provide for our children will show whether or not we caught his spirit. How we care for the sickly, strangers, widows, orphans, co workers, neighbors, and people in need, will show whether or not we have received his spirit. How committed we are to our spouses will denote whether or not we have his spirit. How forgiving we are towards people who hurt us will be a key factor in revealing whether or not we have his spirit. And how generous we are with whatever resources God blesses us with will be a glowing indicator of whether or not we have received his spirit. 

I like my iPhone and I appreciate Mr. Steve Jobs for building the most successful company in the world, but I wish he could have met my granddaddy and seen what true success looks like. Today, I celebrate the most successful man in the world, William Jakes McPherson. Job, well done! 


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