Lots of Money, Naked Women, Action and Excitement!

Posted: Friday, October 12, 2012 by Anthony in

I woke up suddenly this morning after having what seemed like more than a dream, but instead a VISION from God. I don't know whether it was a nightmare, a wet dream, a warning, or all three. The "vision" was so diverse. At one point I was surrounded by beautiful women (some naked, for which I give God praise), then I almost drowned while kayaking/sightseeing in an exotic locale. In another scene, some guys were TRYING to beat me up, but I escaped and ended up with a bag full of money. So much more occurred but none of the specifics are really relevant to the message I was given the moment I awoke.

I woke up abruptly from the dream and received the mental picture of a very big (immeasurable) and very oddly shaped hole! The hole was too deep for me to see the bottom. It actually appeared to never end. I then saw myself over time (almost like time lapse video) dropping things into the hole. However, my intent was not to simply drop those things into the hole but I was trying to plug it. Now that I am fully awake I can see how ridiculous and futile my efforts were as I compare the size and the complex shape of the hole to the small and simple designs of the various items I was using to try and cap it.

I heard God LOUD and CLEAR after that. He wants to know how much more time I'll waste trying to come up with things to satisfy the void in me that only He is big enough and complex enough to fulfill. I've dumped so much money in the hole, its ridiculous and the hole is STILL there! I've been with some BEAUTIFUL women (some of them naked) and the hole may have actually gotten bigger after things ended. I love my daughter more than anything on earth and I spend SOOOO much time with her. She makes me SOOOO happy, but even her laughter can't drown out the sound of the wind blowing through that colossal hole in my existence. I'm self-employed and EVERYTHING I do to make money is a JOY to me. However, I'm still haunted by the knowledge of the oddly shaped hole, even when I'm being productive and smiling at my desk.

Every family member and friend I have, is dear to me. The love exchanged between us is uplifting. Yet, it doesn't measure up to the abyss that exists within my soul. Lately, I've been considering a new condo uptown and a new luxury vehicle, but I know the excitement will only last for a moment because I've been there and done that. God HAS to be right! What more can I use to seal this tremendous open space? I MUST yield to Him in a greater way and allow Him to prove Himself in my life...

I'm not talking about going to church more. A HUGE percentage of church goers try to use the pastor, choir, ceremonies, tithing, community service, etc to do what only God can do for them. Simply put, there is NOTHING (not even His church) that can compete with or replace what it means to have a close, personal, and passionate relationship with The Almighty.

NOTHING trumps investing time and energy into seeking Him, and in return sensing His presence. NOTHING even comes close to waking up early every morning, before the sun comes up, and singing songs to Him about His greatness, then having Him illuminate the answer to your turmoil. NOTHING holds a candle to developing an ear sensitive enough to hear Him whisper some direction to you while you are in the middle of a business meeting or argument with a friend. Simply stated, NOTHING compares to trying to get to know God and allowing Him to reveal Himself.

After writing that last sentence I NOW realize the true connection between that crazy dream and God's message to me. Out of ALL the exciting things that kept occurring one after the other in my dream, none of them combined are as exciting as the journey God takes me on. I've only tasted a small portion of His favor and my head is spinning. I can't even imagine right now what my life will look like if I would surrender it to Him in the way He desires...

I don't know how big your void is or how complex the shape of it is. However, I do know someone who can fill it! I called on Jesus over 25 years ago with an ounce of sincerity and my life has been targeted by His favor since that day. I'm convinced He is God but I don't want to put words in your mouth. Ask God to reveal Himself to you, seek Him passionately, and see who pops up! ANTicipate a life altering experience as you yield...


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    That's all I needed to hear today. Thanks so much for sharing.

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    Awesome word!

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    Awesome word!

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    This is awesome. I love reading something inspirational in the morning. Have a blessed day.

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    Absolutely Positively the best thing i have ever read. WOW!

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    Thanks for sharing this. This is so true! We have to surrender ourselves to God. I personally have been trying to do things my way and have failed all because I havent put him first.

  1. I was drawn to you thru a beautiful picture of your Daughter ... but now I see a man who has a awesome destiny with our Savior ...
    God Bless you and yours ... Someone else may have saw something else in that dream ,, but you made grand sense of what our Lord has you to see.. .... continue your walk .. its amazing and.

    I am touched by your awesome word.