I'm a BIG FREAK! What about you?

Posted: Wednesday, November 28, 2012 by Anthony in

I'll get on a plane when necessary but I don't enjoy flying. I'm pretty sure my "fear" is rooted in the lack of control I feel while I'm just sitting there allowing someone I can't see and whom I don't know to whisk me to a destination without any safety or navigational input from me other than my "ok" when I bought my ticket. When I do fly, the only reason I submit to the process is because I'm trying to get somewhere FAST that would otherwise take me forever, some place I can't stay on the ground and still arrive in a reasonable timeframe. As you can tell, I'm a control FREAK...

Well, this morning during prayer I received information that my spiritual journey is much like my fear of flying. God impressed on my heart that He has not created me (or you) to stay on the ground, but rather to soar! It's only my fear of flying that keeps me from achieving my maximum potential.

God had a wonderful plan and destination in mind when He created me (and you), and I GLADLY said "YES" to His will when I discovered where He wanted to take me. However, His WAY has repeatedly left me nervous and down right afraid at times.

Isaiah 55:8-9 says God's thoughts and ways are not the same as ours, but HIGHER. Just like the heavens are higher than the earth. Simply put, if we are going to go where He has in mind for us, we MUST fly! We can't walk (use our own might) and get there in time. Staying on the ground is not an option! We can't say yes to His WILL (the destination) without also signing up for His WAY (the journey)...

I felt a little relief this morning in prayer and meditation when I heard these words... "You should be more afraid of YOU being in control of the plane than allowing someone who is trained and skilled to pilot it! YOU don't know how to fly or how to get to the destination!"

God is RIGHT (of course). It may be hard to trust someone that I can't see and who I often feel like I don't even know. I have to just sit there and surrender to the process while trusting that He's taking me to the destination that I signed up for. My only other options are to: 1. Stay home and on the ground. 2. Go somewhere that I can get to without having to fly. or 3. Fly the plane myself to His destination. The problem is I don't want to stay where I am, I don't want to go anywhere lesser than the place He's shown me, and I CAN'T fly a plane.

I'm left with one recourse, let Him pilot me. The truth is I have tried to fly this plane many times and crashed and burned every time. I'm READY to sit down, buckle up, and let God whisk me off to some exotic locale that I've never seen before!

Like a normal flight, it makes me a little anxious when there's turbulence and I don't know what's going on. However, I'm grateful to hear the pilot's calming voice explaining the situation, eventho I can't see Him. I have to struggle to hear him over the noise of rude passengers sometimes but the calm in His voice always gives me peace. As long as He isn't panicking, I won't either...

Today, I ANTicipate that I will gain altitude and speed because I'm trusting God more with my life! I pray you'll find courage to do the same...


  1. As always...this is GREAT

  1. Teek says:

    I was looking for an email for you. I wanted to know your opinion as to a good place to start at in the Bible. I'm new to It and would like your feedback please. thank you!

  1. Amber says:

    I know you hear from people often.. telling you how your words inspire.. I believe I came across that talented intelligent daughter of yours on Instagram- and though she is one of the most adorable babes around I was more touched (and emotional) over your love and desire to be the best you can be for her. I have watched a couple YouTube videos and hear how smart she is and how much you adore her!! I never had my father growing up and though I had a grandfather it was never the same. Your words always seem to strike a chord in my heart.. I wish you and your family continued happiness and success.. I expect to see Quinn in a Tyler Perry movie or something :) The accessory line is FAB and your use of words and love for GOD are remarkable... I always love to meet people full of life and experience! Meaning you have grown through all that you have gone through- learned your lessons and continue to grow and become a better you. Thanks for taking time to allow us in your world- it helps more than you know! Thanks for being an AWESOME daddy.. there needs to be more men like you... and have a WONDERFUL fathers day (though that is everyday!!) GOD bless