My little secret.

Posted: Tuesday, November 23, 2010 by Anthony in

I woke up this morning with the realization that I am harboring a terrible secret. It's actually been eating away at my soul for weeks but I never shared it with anyone because I honestly didn't feel like it was anyone else's business. However, I just can't move forward any longer until I free my conscience and admit what I can no longer hide. My only prayer is that my admission will inspire others to keep it real and confess they have the same secret!


The more time you spend around someone, the more like them you become. Sometimes people confuse me and my boy over the phone. We've been around each other since middle school and now we sometimes sound and act alike. I grew up as an only child, raised by my single mother. Needless to say, I was around her 24/7 and for awhile behaved just like her. I was mouthy, independent, sarcastic, and defiant. They called me Jackie, Jr.

Sometimes you can discern what church, university, or greek organization a person is affiliated with, simply by listening to them or looking at them. My point is you can tell who/what a person spends time with because they take on similar characteristics. 

I don't believe I can become the man God intends for me to be unless I spend quality time in His presence. Simply reading about Him in the bible or hearing about Him at church does NOT empower me to achieve His incredible plan for my life! In order to see unlimited success in EVERY area of my life I must be LIKE Him. And, I can't be like Him unless I interact with Him.

I praise God for the spiritual aids that are designed to point us toward Him, but they are not Him. I don't care how wonderful your church is, how great your pastor/bishop preaches, or how much your mother prays for you. There is NO substitute for spending time with God and developing a passionate relationship with Him. If we are going to be made whole and complete, He has the best plan to get the job done.

I love Him so much for always being ready and available to spend time with me despite how many times I reject His advances. He simply waits for me to "get in the mood" to become more intimate with Him. James 4:8 invites us all to "...come near to God and God will come near to you..."

Now that I have confessed my secret, I'm about to repent (change). I'm turning off the phone, closing the blinds, and turning on some music that will put me in the same mood He's in, spending time together. I ANTicipate that I'll act a little more like Him by the time we're done.


  1. iThrive says:

    WOW!!! I could say sooo much in regards to this post.... But instead.. I will be brief...and say that your thoughts...and your feelings in this post felt like you took a page out of my diary! My desire is to be more intimate with him like never before...and it starts with me giving HIM more of ME and MORE of my time.

    Awesome Post Anthony!!!