God sounds pretty BORING!!!

Posted: Wednesday, November 30, 2011 by Anthony in

I was in the shower the other morning praying, singing, etc... you know, just trying to start my day off practicing the presence of God. While doing so, I sensed God say to me that He never leaves home. Obviously, that sounds like a pretty boring life, so I was anxious for Him to explain. I didn't immediately grasp the gravity of that statement until I kept chewing on it and He elaborated a little more. Here's what He shared with me...

Since God is omni-present (everywhere at the same time) it is IMPOSSIBLE for Him to come or go. He can't go anywhere because He's already there and He can't leave because He's everywhere else too! In essence, there is no place He can "move to" because there is NOWHERE outside of Him. David declared, "even if I make my bed in hell, God is THERE too..." (Psalm 139:8)

I then realized God was saying to me that I needed to stop waiting for Him to "move" or "arrive" because He wasn't going to! In fact, He will do neither because He is already there! The reason I wasn't seeing His intervention, wasn't because He was not with me, it was because I was not with Him!

He said to me that He never leaves home and if I want to see Him that's where I must come. He's EVERYWHERE but everywhere is not His home. He reminded me that the house I live in is made of brick and mortar, but His house shall be called a house of PRAYER (Isaiah 56:7).  

Too often we expect God to come to our home of complaints, fears, doubts, whining, anger, etc. Then we accuse Him of making us wait too long or not moving at all for us. Surprisingly, He has the same complaint. He expects us to come to His home (house of prayer), but we are making Him wait too long and He accuses us often of not moving at all! He doesn't leave home! If you'll be honest, mostly every time you've seen movement on God's part was when you went to His house (prayer)! You've hardly ever seen any movement on His part when you were angry, complaining, doubtful, etc.

When people of means travel they like to stay in a hotel or rental home that is as nice as their own home. No one with millions of dollars flys out of town and stays in a Motel 6! They spare no expense to make sure they are surrounded by as much grandeur as they are when at home. 

Our God is surrounded 24/7 in Heaven by winged creatures crying "holy" and worshipping Him. They are incessantly telling Him how awesome He is. There are elders casting down their golden crowns and falling on their face in admiration of Him (Revelation 4:8-11). Creation itself praises Him around the clock (Psalm 19:1). Birds chirp His mercy, the ocean roars His majesty, lightning declares His splendor. God's home is FULL of praise and admiration for His presence.

Now, do you really expect Him to leave that atmosphere to answer your doubt-filled, grudge-hearted, angry-toned, complaint-ridden prayers? NO!!! He never leaves home! In fact, He LIVES in the praise of His people (Psalm 22:3). If you REALLY want to see God move, create an atmosphere in your life that reminds Him of home! 

It doesn't matter how bad a situation gets, tell Him how GREAT He is! No matter who has betrayed you or left you, tell Him how much you TRUST Him and thank Him for His faithfulness! No matter how broke you are, keep telling Him how RICH you feel in His presence. This shift in your attitude will actually shift your whole life. You then go from waiting on God to move, to moving towards Him. The woman with the issue of blood said to herself, "if I can just get close enough to touch the hem of his garment, I'll be made whole (Matthew 9:20). She didn't wait for God to come to her house and touch her, but she went to His and snatched what she needed from Him!

There is no situation that God isn't willing to intervene in. The question is, will you respect and trust Him enough to do things His way or do you want Him to do things on your terms? Should He be bending to our will and ways or should we be bowing at His word and acting like it is true (which it is)? Should He respect what we are saying is true or should we honor His word as the final authority over our situation? I don't care how bad it looks, how sick you are, or how broken your heart is, God sees you differently! He sees you whole, blessed, and healed! Don't try to make Him buy into your perspective! Worship Him as GOD and adopt His perspective!

I ANTicipate reading this post several times myself, because I needed to hear this! Our God is not to be toyed with, He's a terror to EVERYTHING that opposes His love for us! Go to HIS HOUSE today and tell Him how wonderful He is!


  1. Pervis says:

    Amen!!.. Keep it up brother.. When you start your church without walls, consider me a foot soldier..

  1. Anthony says:

    I don't know exactly what God has planned for me but I'm excited that He his stirring up the remnant and that we are in that number!

  1. Jenell Barnett says:

    I was sent this link by a mutual friend...I thank God that I received the link! Reading your blogs has been a blessing. I have been reading them but not commenting as I know some many are probably doing. However, I could not allow this one to go by without comment. I thank God for using you in an unusual way to minister to His people. I often said to some others about you that you had a different perspective on life and the Word of God. And nobody could "tame" or "cage" the free spirit that is harnessed in your body. God put it there and who were we to try to cage you in and make you do things the way we do things. I am so glad that you have not allowed anyone to "shut you down". Why? Because if you had I along with so many others would not be reading these words in your blog that God wants to speak to His people who have an "ear to hear". Thank you and much love!

    P.S. I too will be reading this blog over and over until it truly sinks in. I will also be sharing this post with others.

  1. Anthony says:

    Thank you so much Jenell! I am JUST seeing your post and it came at the EXACT time I needed it! I'm SO encouraged by your comment. It is pure joy for me to share the love that God has shed on me with anyone who will listen. My life has change DRAMATICALLY as I started to believe that He is as loving and generous as He claims to be. Your words provide me with such vindication as I've been misunderstood by others who I know love Him too. I'm grateful that He is God enough to be a father to all who receive Him as such and we don't have to be identical for Him to do so. I could type forever because you have really lifted me tonight! God bless you for being such an encouraging spirit! You always were a jewel in the house. I'm glad to know you are still with HIM! Love Ya Much!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi, your blog really touches me, have been reading it for a while... Just wanted you to know about a website i started ReadYourBiblesChurch.com... It's a place for Bible study guides.. I also put a forum in that can be viewed from a mobile device.. I couldn't find where to contact you privately so I'm commenting, hope that is okay. :) God Bless!