"Tworship"... an open LOVE letter

Posted: Tuesday, November 22, 2011 by Anthony in

I was in the bathtub this morning crying as I thought about how wonderful God has been to me. I became so overwhelmed that I felt compelled to stop simply telling Him how wonderful He is, and to declare His greatness publicly! What greater format than twitter (http://twitter.com/anthonytheseer) to release a public rapid fire of thoughts and have a written record of what's on your heart! Let's just call today's entry a personal love letter to God, in the form of "tworship"...

- The whole earth speaks of Your grandeur... What an awesome creator and Father you are! Mighty is our God!

- You're the ONE person I can publicly declare my love for without EVER being afraid of embarrassment! FAITHFUL is our God!

- I extol you every morning with a grateful heart! Whatever you do, it is good... You are sovereign and you are LOVE!

- I've hidden relationships with people that I didn't really trust. I speak openly of our time together bc of Your faithfulness.

- For over 30 years, You've been CONSISTENT in my life! I praise Your name publicly for that! You're WORTHY!

- I trust you with my life, my daughter, my future, my health, ...everything! I'm YOURS! You are MY GOD!

- You caught EVERY tear that ever escaped my soul and formed them into laughter! I lavishly worship You for Your creativity! You're GOD to me!

- I'm YOURS and I don't care who knows it! Your ways are PERFECT in my sight! I echo Your love towards me!

- You've NEVER harmed me and the times You should have, You blessed me instead! With LOVING kindness have you drawn me!

- I have NO FEAR when I'm with You! Your presence is the SAFEST place in the universe! I long to be around you! You're my ONLY God!

- In You I live, move, and have my being! Apart from You, I am NOTHING! I HATE when I can't hear Your voice. You are Lord and King to me!

- Everything that is good and perfect in my life is a blatant act of Your mercy! My heart has no option but to beat for You!

- There's NO ONE who could ever replace You! I've been in love before but I've never BEEN LOVED like this! You are the true and living God!

- I honestly can't stop praising you this morning! With tears in my eyes, I speak well of you, Jesus! Thank you for loving my raggedy life!

- If I had 10,000 tongues and spoke 100,000 languages, it would still be impossible for me to tell You how much You mean to me! You're eternal!

- My soul rejoices and my spirit leaps at the mere mention of Your name! It gives me life! You're my maker!

- I could literally sit here all day and worship You! You've spent my whole life giving me things I'll NEVER deserve! You're so gracious, God.

- I'll recommend You to everyone I know! I could NEVER be ashamed of someone so powerful! It's a PRIVILEGE to know You, Jesus!

- I want to be more and more like You all the days of my life! EVERYONE who knows You, falls madly in love with Your presence!

- None of my flaws ever stopped You from interacting with me! You are PERFECT, yet You make time for ME? I belong to YOU!

- What am I that You are mindful of me or that You visit me? Surely, Your mercy is endless!

- You loved me until anger fell out of my heart... 'til mercy fell on my lips... 'til peace besieged my mind... What manner of LOVE is this?

- I find myself left w/ NO OTHER CHOICE! You've been so good to me that I MUST worship You daily! There's a debt of thanksgiving over my life!

Today, I ANTicipate that my worship will be contagious and others will speak well of you! Out of the abundance of my heart, my mouth has spoken. Every retweet is a song of praise to You!


  1. Pervis Nash says:

    Come on now Brother.... Woo!! Praise God!!