I've decided that TODAY is my last day in this world!

Posted: Tuesday, November 8, 2011 by Anthony in

The last few days have been filled with mixed emotions for me. I've not been overly happy or overly sad. There's just been a "blahness" about my existence. I'm tired of juggling bills, carrying other people's burdens, dealing with heartache, worrying about my future, etc. I know many will say that I'm not dealing with anything that EVERYONE in this world isn't dealing with too. Well, if this is all the world keeps offering me, I honestly don't want to stay in it ONE day longer. While reading my bible and praying this morning, I decided that TODAY will be my last day in this world!

I know that I sound suicidal right now, but I assure you that is not where my mind is at all. My thought process this morning was triggered by something Jesus said in John 16:33. There, He says "These things I have spoken to you, that in Me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.” 

Jesus is so powerful that, in those few words, I felt my life change today! He said, "in this world there would be tribulation." However, He never said the tribulation had to be in me! As a matter of truth He said that He has overcome this world and it's tribulation, and in Him, I'd have peace! This irrevocable truth led me to declare emphatically that today is my last day in this world as I move to being in Him.

If I am in Him, when He overcomes the world and everything in it (tribulation), so do I. That means that external pressures that are attached to this world are not permitted to affect me internally because I am in a different place, in Him. Rather, my internal state (that I won when He overcame the world) has the ability to affect the tumultuous climate that exists externally in the world. Simply put, "...greater is He that is within me, than he that is in the world" (1 John 4:4). 

The world in Jesus' statement in John 16:33 is the greek word  kosmos. It has many meanings, but one of the most popular meanings is system. Basically, it is the code or rules whereby our existence is governed. It is a way of doing things.

Jesus said that within this system, which we are governed by, there will be tribulation. Think about it... Our world (system)  thrives off debt, drama, people hatin', classism, racism, etc. It seems like those who get ahead are those who are willing to hurt and rob anyone in the process. The most popular reality tv shows are ones filled with lying, back-stabbing, and fighting (Basketball Wives, RHOA, etc). This world takes great delight and even profits off strife and evil/unfair concoctions. Banks profit by charging enormous interest rates and keeping people in debt. Some preachers profit by perpetuating guilt trips and scaring people into submission to their agendas. Politicians prosper by lying to those who support them. The way to get ahead in this world (system) is to lie, cheat, and steal.

But, Jesus said I have overcome this system. You don't have to succumb to participating in it, or feel the pressure of it, if you simply aren't in it, but in Him. You don't have to be in debt, strife, or pain; and you don't have to cause any of those things either. He says, "in Me you may have peace." He's not talking about simply having a state of calmness while things are crazy in your life. But peace in this passage also denotes prosperity in every aspect of your life. What Jesus has done for us is far greater than many of us, or even our ancestors, have fully realized. We are living so far beneath our privilege it's not even funny. We are no longer subject to this system, but we have been provided, by Him, with "...EVERYTHING that pertains to life and godliness" (2 Peter 1:3). 

Right-standing with God, money, healing, love, etc are all things that pertain to life and godliness. These things have all been provided by God as a result of Jesus' death, resurrection, and ascension. When Jesus says that He overcame this world (system), He meant that He did all of the hard work so we could escape the tribulation that is imbedded within trying to get the victory oursevles. We no longer have to rely on our own ability to gain right-standing with God, find money to pay bills, or trick people into loving us. IN HIM, there is peace or prosperity for every aspect of our lives. The question is, will I trust Him enough to acknowledge Him in ALL my ways and allow Him to direct my path? (Proverbs 3:5,6) 

This may all sound a little metaphorical and impractical, but I KNOW it to be true because I have acted on it in my personal life. I am, by no means, PERFECT as it relates to trusting Him, but I have believed in His peace which translates as wholeness and prosperity in every aspect of my life. I overcame the effects of childhood molestation using this principle. The world says I should be crazy or a molester myself but He (and I in Him) have overcome the world. I once had a car repossessed because I couldn't keep up with this world's system of debt. I later believed in Jesus' peace (prosperity in every aspect of my life) and vowed to leave this system and trust that He was able to bless me to pay cash for whatever I needed. It wasn't but a couple of years later that I was able to pay cash for a brand new vehicle and thereby overcome this world's system of debt. (However, I didn't buy it because my license was suspended lol). Nevertheless, when I am ready to buy a NEW car, I'll pay cash for it. 

My point is, Jesus' promises are NOT metaphors and should not be reduced to mere internal emotional remedies. If He says we can live above this world's system, He MEANS it! Our external circumstances can begin to reflect what He's doing internally within us, rather than adversely affecting what He has promised we can achieve.

I ANTicipate that as I leave this world and it's systems, a whole new world and system will open up to me! I'll experience more peace (prosperity in every aspect of my life) as I grow in my faith in Jesus' trustworthiness. His death was to give me an abundant life that includes abundant finances, abundant health, abundant love, etc. His intention is that there is NO lack in ANY area of my life and that I rely on Him instead of this world and it's system. I ANTicipate He'll do more than I could ever ask or think, if I trust Him.


  1. Pervis Nash says:

    Man!!!! Wow Brother, thank you for that powerful word.. I am abandoning this old world and it's system as I type.. I love you Brother, Peace and many blessings to you and little Quinn!!

  1. Anthony says:

    Thanks Pervis. I have MUCH to say on this issue. God is so faithful that trusting Him is becoming easier and easier! Love, peace and blessings too you and your family as well!