Daily ANTicipation

Posted: Tuesday, September 21, 2010 by Anthony in

Today marks a HUGE shift in my life. It may seem small to the world right now but it won't be long before Daily ANTicipation makes a significant impact on our culture. I say this without hesitation because this site will ultimately reflect the ONE who changed my life. I have been snatched from the pitch black darkness of years of depression that almost ended my life and thrown into the torrid spotlight that beams on those who achieve even moderate success in our growing city. My life is becoming the perfect picture of God's unlimited kindness to an unqualified man who simply believes and ANTicipates what HE says will SURELY take place! Join me as we laugh, cry, think, and prepare ourselves in Daily ANTicipation of a better life!

Now sing this brief song with me in ANTicipation...


  1. Dominique says:

    Love it!!!!!!! Congrats on the new blog!!!!!!!

  1. Anthony says:

    Thanks! I'm full of ANTicipation!!!

  1. Demetria says:

    This is AWESOME.. I will add it to my list of blogs i check on a daily basis :-)

  1. Anthony says:

    Thanks MeMe! I'll try to make sure I update it every day then! lol