I didn't know I could cuss so well! (Poor Grandma)

Posted: Thursday, October 21, 2010 by Anthony in

I spoke in a previous blog about my belief regarding the origin of dreams. There are probably more explanations available but I think our nocturnal visions originate from three possible sources. God is either speaking to us, the devil is trying to influence us, or our subconscious is having a blast. I guess I can make my grandmother happy and throw in that it may be something you ate. One of the beautiful things about relationship and intimacy with God is that He'll often give you inside information that you could NEVER have known otherwise. I woke up suddenly at 6am "on the dot" this morning after an interesting dream. Waking up suddenly "on the dot" early in the morning is always a sign to me that God has either spoken to me or wants to say something important to me. His words allow you to speak beyond yourself and say things that have not happened yet but will certainly occur. I can't mention all of the details of the dream but I do know that I am to share the warning that came with it. It was for me and at least one other person who will read this.

In the dream I was EXTREMELY angry at my grandmother for practicing favoritism by defending one of her sons while he was in an argument with me. Though I was right and the whole family was in the kitchen and on my side, she still stood by Him. I was crying mad. I was cussing her and him out with phrases so creative I wish I could remember in order to use them in real life. I even threatened to call the police on him for hitting me with a pillow. I continued this angry rampage days after everyone else had moved on and I even told the family that I hated him so much that I didn't care if he died. When I woke up I was still angry and it took me a few minutes to realize where I was and what was going on.

I knew the dream was not my subconscious because I don't feel any of those things about anyone, especially my uncle or my grandmother. Therefore, I was about to give the devil the credit and go back to sleep until I felt a slight agitation that led me to pray and ask God if it was Him. I went back to sleep and dreamed some more. This time there were things actually relevant to my current life and there were people around that I interact with frequently. In THIS dream I received an rsvp to a private party from someone who PRETENDS to like me and who was not invited. I emailed them back and rejected their rsvp. When I woke up a few minutes ago, I was able to decipher the warning from God for me and a few others that will read this blog.

The Warning...

God has been unbelievably kind to me throughout my whole life despite my lack of faith or merit to deserve such blessings. He has blessed me so much until I decided to believe even more in His willingness and desire to favor and prosper every aspect of my life. He has been invited to do with me WHATEVER makes Him happy. Every day I ANTicipate more that He will act on my behalf. Well, this morning He warns that Ephesians 3:20 is about to come to pass in many of our lives who expect His favor. The rage and hatred I felt in my dream will be the same others will feel once they recognize the favoritism He enacts. There will be false accusations and a host seemingly with the opposition. But, like my grandmother stood with her son despite the whole family being against him, so will God stand with those He favors. There are some who only pretend to like you but the more you are promoted and the better you become, the more their true colors will shine through. Though they secretly hate you, they'll still want to be a member of your private party or your inner circle. DO NOT invite them; REJECT their rsvp. God's favor is about to increase! ANTicipate it and consider yourself warned!