I just can't today...

Posted: Monday, October 25, 2010 by Anthony in

I've been gazing at this screen for a little while now, trying to figure out what to blog about this morning. I had a looooooong weekend and there are a million thoughts racing through my head. My heart is pounding so hard that I can feel my pulse throughout my whole body. My eyes are a little teary and there is a lump in my throat. I know by the time the sun comes up I'll be in full blown tears. You may wonder what is wrong with me. The answer is, NOTHING. It's actually the exact opposite. God has been so good to me that I am overwhelmed and unable to focus my thoughts this morning to produce a blog about any specific topic or occurrence. All I can seem to think about is how kind and gracious it is of the Ruler of the Universe to allow me to be in a relationship with Him. Though, He has done LOTS of great things for me, I'm more appreciative for His friendship and leadership. In other words, I'm grateful for His PRESENCE, not His PRESENTS. His Spirit abides with me and is far more valuable than ANYTHING in the universe. I'd sacrifice anything just to know He's with me. He continues to prove himself faithful to me and daily honors my lofty request: "God, have your way in my life." My soul thirsts and my spirit hungers for Him, and Him only. No amount of success, money, friends, or material gain could ever compare to the joy and fulfillment that has invaded my life as a result of His love for me. All I REALLY want to do is experience His love and share it with everybody else. I ANTicipate every opportunity possible to spread the love of Jesus to everyone who crosses my path.