This is how I REALLY feel about my ENEMIES!

Posted: Tuesday, October 12, 2010 by Anthony in

Dear Enemies,

I woke up this morning with you on my heart. I want to preface this letter by letting you know that I do NOT share your hatred. God has loved me so hard that He has literally squeezed the hate out of me. I'm well aware that I can't convince you of my sincerity or goodwill towards you, but my prayers will not cease on your behalf. I'm not completely sure what some of your motives are for disliking me but if I have truly earned your wrath, I apologize and ask your forgiveness. If you simply dislike me because of something you perceive and nothing that I've actually done to you, I honestly don't know what to do about that. Either way, please know that your opinion of me has NO effect on how God feels about me. He loves me just as much as He loves you and He refuses to stop blessing me based on your view of me. I'm tempted to hate you back and talk about you the same way you talk about me, but I'm so focused on my own life that I really don't have time to spare. I'll only hate those of you who have the power to alter my destiny and impede God's plan for my life. Since none of you do, the only response you'll get from me is LOVE. You'll never even know that I am aware of your gossip, hatred, or lies. Your attempts to hurt, curse, and hinder me have all failed. I harbor no ill-will towards you because nothing you have tried has actually worked. God has been so faithful to me, despite your opposition, that it has become impossible for me to take you seriously as an enemy. My prayer is that you would recognize His faithfulness in your lives as well and that you would give me less attention and give Him more. It doesn't matter what you want for me; I want the BEST for you! I pray for your protection and provision. I pray that you will be so blessed that I won't even cross your mind. As you hope for my downfall, I hope for your promotion. As you celebrate my failures, I mourn yours with you. As you focus on my faults, I highlight your good points. I pray for peace between us and I ANTicipate God's intervention in our relationships! Be forever blessed!



  1. Pervis says:

    Spoken like a true soldier of the cross....